New recordings in full swing in industrial SE. Days are getting longer -- there have been some live shows with some of the former guys from Hausu in and around Portland. Keep a lookout for an I-5 tour this summer. New songs soon!


These things are in the mail! Check out some kind words about the new record here and here. First pressing is sold out-ish but check Fire Talk for more info or buy it on iTunes or eMusic. THANKS


GREETINGS FROM RAINY PORTLAND: A new full length (first on vinyl!) is coming out in February on Brooklyn's own Fire Talk Records. You can pre-order it here.


There's a new full length tape/digital coming out before the end of the year on Brooklyn's Fire Talk Records. There's also a new Campfires live line-up (NW style) with two members of Hausu. We'll be playing around the NW and in California a bunch over the next coupla months. Even music on the way, too!

For a bunch of tunes, check out the Bandcamp.

For more (frequently updated sort of) news, check out the official Campfires Twitter or Facebook.


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