There are a couple more of the repress of 2013's Tomorrow, Tomorrow left in stock. Order em from Firetalk here!.

01. If The Darkness Were to Bend
02. Fortune Teller
03. Simple Things
04. Acre Looks
05. Time for a Ride
06. Rye Lovers Sword
07. Jeux et Jouet
08. The Lighted Avenues
09. Glass Arrows
10. Lamplighter
11. Bayonet
12. Tomorrow, Tomorrow
13. Gone Country Dream (for Bill Doss)

Mystery Scapes

OR buy it digitally at the Bandcamp

1. Factory Grass
2. Amelia
3. In Year 90,000
4. Nine Lives
5. Industrial Sunset Theme Song
6. Red Five and Dime
7. October Pie
8. They'll Seem Like Castles
9. 1,000 Ships
10. Transit
11. By and By and Bye
12. Take Me Away

Visit Teen River's tumblr or check it out at the Campfires Bandcamp

1. Come On Out
2. C'est La Vie
3. Fail By Design
4. Laurentide
5. Chasing Planets (Again)
6. There Ain't No Grass in Heaven

Slaughter Tropes
Email (at) for a copy of the tape (limited to 100) or download at Bandcamp

1. Melted Rubber Soul
2. Full Midwinter Power
3. Slow Blown Limbs
4. Circle With a Star
5. Distant Hills
6. Fuck Zurich Anyway
7. So Far Gone
8. Rural Animations
9. Yr Majesty

Dusty Mansions / Chasing Planets
AVAILABLE NOWWW on Small Plates Records

1. Dusty Mansions
2. Time Flying By
3. Chasing Planets

Stormy Late Fall
7" (sold out) / Digital
Mexican Summer

1. Stormy Late Fall
2. Rustic Arcadia
3. She Was Down

Burning Rivers, Tv Flickers, Drifting Off To Bed
Cassette (sold out) / Digital
Leftist Nautical Antiques

1. Easy Orchard
2. It's Been So Long
3. Chicora
4. Air Raid
5. Pilot Dreams
6. Portsmouth Daydream Supper
7. Tired Old Sun
8. Burning Rivers, TV Flickers, Drifting Off to Bed

Campfires / Cloud Nothings split
Cassette (sold out)

1. Psychic Weapons
2. Magic Carpet
3. Kite Spills
4. Ruby Daggers
5. Yellow, Black, Red, Brown

Campfires / Benoit Pioulard split
Cassette (sold out)
FM Dust

1. Royal Orange
2. Long Days

Some rare or exclusive songs also appear on:

Heavenly Taco Midnight (Wild Animal Kingdom)
Shake Some Action Sampler
Various Deficiencies Vol. 1 (Blackburn Recordings)